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Granny Flats Packages & Kits for Sale in Australia

We are thrilled to present our premium granny flat packages, which offer a complete solution to improve the usability and functionality of your property. You can choose from various designs and finishes, whether you prefer a separate unit or an attachment to your current home. Our packages provide a harmonious balance of style, durability, and comfortable living to suit the specific requirements of Australian homeowners.

Your Dream Granny Flat Awaits with Various Packages and Expert Guidance at Mr CoolRoom

At Mr. CoolRoom, we take pride in providing customised solutions beyond just offering granny flat packages. Our team of experts uses innovative technology to ensure your dream space is visually appealing and highly functional. We know that expanding your home is a challenging task, that is why we provide professional guidance throughout the entire process. From choosing the perfect granny flat package to ensuring it meets your specific requirements, we are here to ensure the process is smooth and stress-free.

At Mr CoolRoom, every homeowner should have a comfortable and stylish space. Contact us today to discover how we can help you improve the value and comfort of your home with a customised granny flat that meets your unique needs.

What Sets us Apart?

Decades of Building Industry Experience

Our experienced director and strict compliance with Australian standards make us stand out in providing top-quality granny flat packages that guarantee your satisfaction.

Empowering through Real-Time Support

Mr CoolRoom provides continuous education and assistance to customers through interactive videos, direct phone assistance, and written resources for confident and knowledgeable granny flat project management.

Custom Solutions

We offer customised assistance to meet your unique project requirements. Our team is dedicated to surpassing your expectations and bringing your granny flat vision to life.

Quality and Reliability

Mr CoolRoom offers top-notch granny flat packages with expert support. Our team is available to guide you through interactive videos and direct phone assistance.


Mr CoolRoom offers sustainable and environmentally friendly granny flat packages using eco-friendly materials and techniques. Choosing us ensures a responsible and sustainable building project.

Nationwide Reach and Hassle-Free Delivery

We deliver granny flat packages anywhere in Australia with reliable and timely service to make your building dreams a reality.


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Granny Flats: Australia's Choice for Superior and Practical Home Extensions

Due to the increasing demand for more living space in Australia, numerous homeowners and property developers are opting for granny flats as a solution. Mr CoolRoom has emerged as a leading supplier of these, offering a variety of options to fit diverse lifestyles and budgets. Our packages are intended not only to provide additional space but also to add style and comfort to any property. Whether you require extra room for family members or are interested in setting up a home office, we provide flexibility and adaptability to meet your unique needs. 

Looking for top-notch granny flat packages in Australia that won’t break the bank? Look no further than Mr CoolRoom! With our exceptional Granny Flat Solutions, you can easily and affordably expand your home to meet your changing needs. 

Contact us today to learn more about our Granny Flat options!

Frequently Asked Questions

A granny flat is a self-contained space, often situated in the backyard of a larger home or attached to the main house. It has separate facilities, such as a kitchen, bathroom, and living space, allowing for independent living. Granny flats are versatile spaces that can serve various purposes, such as housing aging parents (hence the name ‘granny’ flat), adult children, or utilised as a rental space to create additional income. It can also serve as a home office, artist’s studio, or guest house, providing a flexible additional living space catering to various needs.

The rules for building and maintaining a granny flat can vary considerably across different states and territories in Australia. Generally, there are several common criteria that you might come across which include but are not limited to:

  • Size Restrictions: The granny flat’s size must adhere to specific restrictions, generally at most 60 square meters of living space, although this can vary.
  • Land Size and Zoning: The plot of land where you plan to build the granny flat must meet minimum size requirements and be correctly zoned for residential use.
  • Design Requirements: The design of the granny flat should adhere with the Building Code of Australia and adhere to any specific design stipulations set by the local council.
  • Occupancy Rules: In several regions, one of the occupants of the granny flat has to be a family member of the occupants of the primary dwelling.

To know the precise rules, you must check with the local council or regulatory body specific to the region in Australia where you intend to build the granny flat.

Granny flat laws can vary between states and territories in Australia. Generally, these laws pertain to planning and zoning regulations, which dictate where and how a granny flat can be constructed. For instance, they might stipulate the minimum and maximum size of the flat, the necessary amenities, and the occupants’ relationship to the main dwelling’s owners.

To get the most current and detailed information, it is advisable to consult the local council or regulatory body in your region.

Yes, you generally need to acquire approval to build a granny flat. In many regions in Australia, granny flats are considered as complying developments, which means they require a quicker approval process compared to other types of developments. However, they must still meet specific criteria outlined by the state or territory’s planning policies.

It’s best to check with your local council to understand the exact requirements in your area.

The required space can vary based on local regulations and your personal preferences. Typically, the minimum lot size to build a granny flat is 450 square meters. Additionally, the granny flat generally should be at most 60 square meters of living space, although allowances might be made for additional areas like patios and carports.

It is always advised to check with your local council for the specific requirements in your area.

Yes, you can build a granny flat in Australia, provided that your land meets the specific criteria set by the local council or regulatory body. These criteria include the size of the land, the zoning regulations, and ensuring that only one granny flat is built per property.

Before proceeding, check the specific requirements in your jurisdiction to avoid any complications.

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